Student Comment & Suggestion 
Use for reporting acts of sexual harassment, discrimination, and/or violence.

Questions marked with a * are required
Do you wish to anonymously report an incident?
Contact Information
How do you know about this incident?
In the questions below, "Responsible Individual" refers to the individual(s) against whom your allegations are made.  For each accused individual, provide the identifying information requested.
Do you know the name(s) of the Responsible Individual?
Was management or any campus representative notified? (Dean of Students, Human Resources, Staff or Faculty member)
How many incidents occurred?
How many other individuals observed or witnessed the incident(s) you have described?  Identify the individuals below.  By listing the names below you are authorizing the official who investigates this grievance to contact the person(s) named to attempt resolution.
Provide as much detail as possible to use in investigating the reported incidents.
Did you suffer harm resulting from the incidents?
Describe the specific harm you have suffered resulting from the incident(s).
Do you have any documents that support your allegation?
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